In 2021, after the height of a pandemic, Ignite Youth Club was founded in order to offer affordable, reliable, safe, and quality afterschool and summer programs to help our Titus County youth and families in need.

In addition to the pandemic, which impacted children’s food security, emotional well-being, and academic achievement, 77% of the students in the three school districts we serve are economically disadvantaged, 73% are classified as at risk, and 46% are learning English as a second language, making the importance of affordable afterschool and summer care extremely crucial to our community. Ignite Youth Club is a solution to this major need in our area.

Our talented and creative academic team inspires our youth to reach their full potential and provides opportunities that encourage growth in talents, education, and self-esteem. Ignite Youth Club provides homework help, healthy meals, and necessary supervision in a fun, safe, and reliable environment. Ignite Youth Club nurtures the needs of our youth, cultivates their creativity, supports their family, and helps them imagine their dreams so they can become contributing citizens, which can transform our local community as well as the world.

All of these great things would not be possible without the help and support of our local businesses, donors, schools and Ignite team members. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. It has been a true blessing to watch Ignite become a shining light in our community!


Kelly Baker